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Avengers Overpower Set
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:42:25 PM »
Yeah, I"m quite unfocused at the moment.....

I've decided Justa's description of these characters is better than mine. I was calling them themed characters, gimmick is probably a better description.  This guy's gimmick is all about upping your teams levels.

High Evolutionary      6   2   5   8   21

High Evolutionary   Artificial Evolution   
All of High Evolutionary's Team's Special cards are doubled when determining Venture Total this battle.

High Evolutionary   Devolution   
Target opponent may not play Specials for remainder of battle.

High Evolutionary   Evolutionary Accelerator   
Target Teammate's Energy, Fighting or Strength Rating increases to 7 for remainder of game.

High Evolutionary   Evolutionary Exoskeleton   
High Evolutionary's Strength Rating increases to 7 for remainder of game.

High Evolutionary   Genetic Enhancement   
High Evolutionary's team is +1 to all numeric Special cards for remainder of battle. Bonus not applied to damage or Venture total. May be played from Reserve.

High Evolutionary   Isotope E
Play during battle. High Evolutionary may exchange this card for any 1 Special card in Dead Pile not playable by High Evolutionary and play it immediately.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 06:48:21 PM »
gimmick, theme, primary function ... they're all pretty much the same.  your High Evolutionary is different than the other 2 versions i've seen, yet remarkably similar.  the grid increases fit him.  seems a little strange to have no numerical attack specials (other than possibly Isotope E), but that goes with his character too.  he's usually more concerned with his current line of research than with attacking others.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2018, 01:14:09 PM »
I've been working on some new characters again. Hope to have a lot done eventually.  1st of the new batch is the Scott Lang Ant-Man. Modeled him after the X-BAbies, he won't take up a lot of space on your team, though i don't think his Specials are as nice as the X-Babies.

Ant-Man      2   5   3   5   15
May not be Spectrum or Cumulative KO’d with Special cards.

Ant-Man   Ant Army   
Draw one card for each card discarded this battle, including duplicate and unusable cards. Do not discard if duplicate.

Ant-Man   Shrink And Hide   
Avoid 1 attack.

Ant-Man   Small Investigation   
Look at top 8 cards of Opponent's Draw Pile and choose any 4 cards. Reshuffle Draw Pile. Put four chosen cards on top of Draw Pile.

Ant-Man   The Wasp   
Acts as a level 4 Intellect attack. Teammate may play 1 additional Special Card.

Ant-Man   Thief   
Sort through opponent’s Power Pack and remove any 3 cards of Ant-Man’s choice. Discard chosen cards into Dead Pile. Reshuffle Power Pack.

Ant-Man   Tiny Terror   
Opponent must discard a number of cards equal to the number of Mission cards Opponent Ventured this battle. Cards may be Placed or in Hand.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2018, 01:15:09 AM »
not sure I like the grid, but I like the intent.  Scott Lang was kinda small time compared to most characters, it was just the situations that made him look good.  seems card-advantage orientated, which is a little different - it does have a Mojoworld sort of flavor.  the AG (avoid 1 attack) is the only repeat mechanic of the bunch.
I almost want to move a point from his intellect to his fighting, but not quite...……...


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2018, 01:07:34 PM »
He just seemed like a good character to stylize like the X-Babies.  His specials aren't as good, but I think the inherent is better.  I should have Baron Zemo and Ares done soon.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #5 on: October 07, 2018, 07:29:44 PM »
if you've got more coming, i'll put a post in so that i'll see them.  I've seen 2 versions of Zemo & a partial of Ares, so i'm looking forward to them.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2018, 03:12:38 PM »
When you've got a couple hundred characters it becomes a little harder to make each character seem different from ones that have been done before. Hopefully these aren't too close to any other characters. I must have missed uploading Ares - Battle Hungry, i'll get that later today hopefully.

Crystal's character card is done except for needing an inherent ability. I have art and a pretty good idea of text for Hercules' Specials so i went ahead and posted them. I just haven't put them together yet.

I also have a card for the Black Knight that i need an inherent ability for if anyone has an idea.....
Black Knight      3   7   3   5   (18)

Ares      2   8   7   4   21

Ares   Battle Hungry
Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack.

Ares   Battlefield Manipulation
Ares team is +2 to Venture Total for remainder of game

Ares   Bisecting Blow
Acts as a level 5 Fighting attack. If successful, Target Character may not play Activator cards for remainder of battle.

Ares   God Of War
Play during battle. For remainder of battle, any Special card played must be a Special card that acts as an attack. Other Special cards may not be played.

Ares   Olympian
Avoid 1 attack with a Fighting icon. No Fighting Power cards may be played against Ares’s team for remainder of battle.

Ares   Sibling Rivalry
Only Ares and Target Character may attack, be attacked or defend this battle. Neither player may concede this battle.

Baron Zemo      1   7   4   7   19

Baron Zemo   Compound X   
Remove up to 2 Hits that each have more than one icon each from Baron Zemo’s Permanent Record.

Baron Zemo   Martial Training   
Acts as level 8 Energy, Strength, or Fighting attack.

Baron Zemo   Master Manipulator   
Baron Zemo may increase either his team’s or opponent’s ventured Mission cards by 1.

Baron Zemo   Sacrificial Lambs
All attacks made on Baron Zemo are made on target teammate until teammate is KO'd. Teammate may defend.

Baron Zemo   Stolen Moonstones
Choose one Tactic: Artifact card from Draw pile and place in hand. Cannot be a duplicate. Reshuffle Draw pile.

Baron Zemo   Thunderbolts
Acts as a level 6 Intellect attack. If successful opponent -4 to Venture total.

Crystal      7   3   3   3   16

Crystal   Aerokinesis
Avoid 1 attack.

Crystal   Elemental Anger
Acts as a level 9 Energy attack.

Crystal   Geokinesis   
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack against Target Character, or level 8 Any-Power attack against Target Battlesite.

Crystal   Inhuman Ambassador
Opponent’s Team with Power Grid of 7 or 8 in Power Type of Crystal’s choice may not use Power cards of that Power Type to attack for remainder of battle.

Crystal   Inhuman Elemental
Sort through Power Pack card by card. Put the first 3 cards with Energy icons in Hand. May keep duplicates. Reshuffle Power Pack.

Crystal   Pyrokinesis
Acts as a level 5 Energy attack. May not be defended with a Special card.

Hercules      1   6   8   3   18

Hercules   Avenger
Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. Teammate may combine with 1 Fighting card for a single attack.

Hercules   Champion
Acts as a level 4 Intellect attack. Teammate may play 1 additional Special card.

Hercules   Demigod
Avoid 1 attack. May not be attacked for remainder of battle.

Hercules   Jovial Bruiser
Acts as a level 6 Fighting or Strength attack.

Hercules   Hercules Unchained
Opponent must immediately discard all Special cards in play that affect the "remainder of the Battle" or the "remainder of the Game".

Hercules   Throw Back A Pint
Draw 3 cards. Discard duplicates.

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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #7 on: November 08, 2018, 09:52:24 PM »
a nice take on some rarely seen characters, fenn.  good art choices- I don't recognize a lot of the art because i'm not that up on my reading of modern day comics.
I totally hear you about making characters different.  sticking to legacy card mechanics doesn't help.  my favorite method to ensure differences is to go through the cards made by other people and see what new mechanics or tweaks to existing mechanics they have come up with.  eventually I felt comfortable enough with it to try a few variations of my own.  combining effects, or cards that allow a choosing of effects is also a way to come up with a character that is different from most others.

a few comments on the cards:  take them with a grain of salt, as they are only the first-look opinion of one person.

Black Knight - i've seen him done twice, and neither one had an IA.  i would suggest an IA that gives him some sort of Intellect boost.  he is arguably higher than 5I.

Ares - Battle Hungry makes him a beast for a Rush team.  and Sibling Rivalry is a great fit for the title matching the mechanic.

Zemo - I can't say i'm real comfortable with his grid.  his high usage of firearms should rate him at least a 2 in E, and I don't think he should get a 7 in both F & I.  depending on which point in time you look at him from, I can see a 6 & a 7, either way fits an era.  and Martial Training doesn't seem to fit in several ways.  A) the title is a little dull & does not match the mechanic (Full-On Blitz maybe?); B) as a 3-color 8, I think EFI is more appropriate than EFS.  only one of his off-colors should be covered, not both; C) the mechanic fits the Thunderbolts better (resources to make it happen), while the HO mechanic can fit the art of Martial Training (Full-On Blitz).

Crystal - the only IA i've seen for her (not counting legacy) is that Energy power cards on her PR don't count for KO.  the kill shot (either Spectrum or Cumulative) can be an Ep, but otherwise they are a waste to attack her with.  it accentuates her energy power without giving her an 8.  the OC mechanic (Inhuman Elemental) fits her very well.  and one of my OP pet peeves, i find Inhuman Ambassador (HE) totally useless in a deck without at least a DTR attached.  so they can't attack; they can use them to defend, and you've just given them a card advantage.

Herc - i thought Herc shrugged off a lot of small attacks the even Hulk would defend against.  might be worth a 2E, since his "demigod-ness" acts like the healing factor for Wolverine or Sabretooth.

overall, good work, fennshysa.  I appreciate the effort, and you sharing the work you've done.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #8 on: January 26, 2019, 04:02:55 PM »
Thank you for the ideas. I didn't listen this time but I appreciate you throwing them out. I agree that some stat could probably be higher but i've been trying to keep some stats down if they are not obviously needed to keep grid costs reasonable. 

I added the Crystal Character card, the missing Ares card and the missing Hercules cards to my post above.

I have Black Knight, Sentry and Speedball ready now.

I experimented with the double function cards here. They might be a little too much. Focused more on his 90s appearances and themes.
Black Knight      3   7   3   5   18
Attacks made with Power Cards may not be defended by cards from a Battlesite.

Black Knight   Ebony Blade   
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack. OR Avoid 1 Energy or Fighting attack.
Black Knight   Elven Armor   
Avoid 1 Strength or Intellect attack. OR Sort through Power Pack card by card. Put the first card with a Strength or Intellect icon in Hand. May keep duplicates. Reshuffle Power Pack.

Black Knight   Gann Josin   
Play during battle. Black Knight may defend Sersi for remainder of game.

Black Knight   Swordsman   
Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack. If successful, Target Character may not use cards with Fighting icon for remainder of battle.

Black Knight   Ultraforce   
Opponent's team may not use cards with a Fighting icon for reminder of battle.

Black Knight   Winged Steed   
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack, may be played from Reserve. If successful, Black Knight may continue to attack while in Reserve.    

For the Sentry i made him a dual 8 with powerful specials but just about everything has a negative effect to it to represent his mental struggles and the Void. He's definitely a go for the KO character. I still need 1 more special for him. I might just make the Golden Guardian a plain 4x attack, make one more. unless someone has another idea.......
Sentry      8   1   8   5   22
Attacks made with Energy and Intellect Power cards do not count to Venture Total.

Sentry   Direct Assault   
Acts as a level 2 Intellect attack. If successful, acts as a level 8 Strength Hit. Hit goes on Target Character's Permanent Record. Does not count for Venture Total.

Sentry   Forgotten Hero   
Play during battle. At the end of the battle, all Hits from The Current Battle for all Characters are discarded and not added to the Permanent Record.

Sentry   Golden Guardian   

Sentry   Ill-Advised Attack   
Acts as a level 7 Energy or Strength attack. If not successful, Sentry is -2 to attack for remainder of battle.

Sentry   Sunder   
Acts as a level 12 Strength attack. If successful, Sentry or Sentry's teammates may not defend Sentry with Special cards for remainder of game.

Sentry   The Void   
Move any 1 Hit from Sentry to target teammate. Repeat until teammate is KO'd or all hits are on teammate. Does not affect Venture Total. Sentry may not play or contribute to Teamwork attacks or play or be targeted by Special cards with the word "teammate" for remainder of game.

Speedball gets the level 8 for defense to represent how its almost impossible to hurt him when he's bubbled up. His specials may be a bit underpowered but are perfect for him in my opinion. I wish i could have used more older art, but it was hard to find good stuff. Thankfully Civil War provided some good art.
Speedball      6   6   3   3   18   
Energy Power Grid is 8 for defense.

Speedball   Kinetic Deflection   
Avoid 1 attack with a Strength icon. Speedball may draw 1 card from the top of the Draw Pile. Discard duplicates.

Speedball   Kinetic Field   
For remainder of battle, if Speedball can block a Power card attack with an equal value Power card, Speecball's Power card hits attacker.

Speedball   New Warrior   
Acts as a level 3 Intellect attack. Each Front Line teammate may make 1 additional attack.

Speedball   Penance   
Acts as a level 3 Energy attack, +1 for each Mission card in Speedball's Defeated Missions Pile.

Speedball   Rebound Effect   
Acts as a level 5 Strength attack +1 for each Speedball Special in all character's Permanent Records and Hits From Current Battle.

Speedball   Ricochet   
Speedball may make as many Power card attacks as possible. Opponent may defend.

I have some ideas of what i want to do for Justice's cards. I just don't have enough art yet. I'm thinking about picking up the classic New Warriors books on comixoloy and seeing if i can screen capture some good stuff out of there.
Justice      6   4   3   5   18
May defend Teammates with Energy Power cards.

Also, for Mockingbird i'm thinking:
1   7   5   4   17

For an inherent maybe something that gives a bonus against other 6-8 fighting characters?
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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #9 on: January 28, 2019, 05:41:00 PM »
a little slow, but some random comments....
the "X or Y" mechanic is different, though I think steve2275 suggested some years ago (but never made them).
Ebony Blade might be more elegant as a 4 E or F attack, to mirror the avoid part.
good to see at least 1 Reserve-capable card for BK, and Winged Steed is a good choice.
i'll be waiting to see what you do with Sersi.  (never seen her done before)
nice take on Sentry!
not sure of the wording on The Void.  did you mean to limit the opponent's ability to attack him with some cards?  or were you only trying to prevent his teammates from playing cards on him that benefit him (grid increase, attack/defense boost, etc)?  seems like wording such as "may not play, contribute, or benefit from any card with the word 'teammate'" might make more sense.
judging by name alone, "Golden Guardian" says "defend teammate" to me.
same grid for Speedball as your old card, with 8E for defense instead of 7.  fair improvement.
you dropped the 8Any attack special for him - can't say that it fits with your new version anyways, so no great loss.
both Justice & Mockingbird will be new additions to what i've seen done as well.  especially interested to see Mockingbird - go West Coast Avengers!
good work, fennshysa.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #10 on: January 28, 2019, 06:31:31 PM »
Thank you.
"may not play, contribute, or benefit from any card with the word 'teammate'" That is exactly what I was going for. Thanks. I will change it to that. Golden Guardian makes sense as a teammate avoid, I'll probably go with that.

I like the symetry of the idea for Ebon Blade, I wonder if that might be too good on a non-OPD. I was trying to keep the X or Y choice cards to less useful cards you might not add to your deck if they were on there own.  Do you think it would be OK?

Mockingbird is actually coming together well. I think for the Inherent I'll go witha version Havoks +1 vs grid 7 or 8.

I also came up with a couple new ideas I need feedback on. Thinking of a way to encourage use of less useful cards i came up with these as ideas for "Avenger" and "Agent of SHIELD" for Mockingbird:
A. Play during battle, for remainder of game Mockingbird's Power cards are +1 to defense for each AC, AD, AG and AH Special card played by Mockingbird's team that battle.
B. Play during battle, for remainder of game Mockingbird's Power cards are +1 to attack for each AA, AB, AE and GJ Special card played by Mockingbird's team that battle.
Do you think these would be worth playing? Or are the too much? (I don't think so.) Should they be combined into 1 OPD version?

Also, I came up with this as a Spy type special. "Play during battle, shuffle into opponent's Reserve Deck. When drawn by opponent they must reveal Hand, you choose 1 card to discard and opponent's characters are -1 to all actions for remainder of battle." OPD
It is pretty good. 1st you get to see hand (though they don't have to play open handed), 2nd its a loss of 2 cards (1 you choose) 3rd the -1 to all actions. Each aspect is less than the equivilent specials but they all happen at once. However, you don't know when if at all it will activate. It could get shuffled around and never come up.


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Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Reply #11 on: January 28, 2019, 07:08:24 PM »
to tamp down Ebony Blade and keep it non-OPD,  keep it 4F attack or avoid 1 Fighting attack.   only 1 color for each case.

on the power card boost specials, the thought is great, but I don't think they would play that well.  by the time you get the cards out to utilize the boost, you won't have much to play to get the benefit.  otherwise its just handing over a card advantage for marginal gain.  maybe for each card visible on table (placed, HCB, PR)?  might be too much.  or maybe +1 per visible X icon on (player/opponent)'s side of the table?  player's Intellect icons for defensive boost, opponent's Fighting icons for offensive boost?  a gedanken-experiment to be sure.

I think the Spy card shows promise.  definitely OPD as is, so the name/art should match up with one big-ass spy mission.  but I always get uncomfortable putting cards in opponent's deck, or attacking with opponent's cards.  I played with the kids mostly, so I was always the one who had to remember whose cards were whose.  (I could afford deck protectors for everybody.)
certainly something new to try.