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Special Codes / Re: DZ special as a Defensive Action
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:17:10 AM »
That is correct. We were trying to encompass the idea of all cards to be "played as written". Any cards that go outside of that spectrum are being edited and addressed to fit that idea. So that every card makes sense as to how it can be played when you read it. For ease of play and it also makes many more cards playable.

Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: September 22, 2018, 02:14:50 AM »
Depends on the bq special. Some of them say any 1 card from the dead pile. Some say not playable by thr character retrieving the special. So it depends which BQ special you are using. Still goes by the writing on the card. All of the BQs cant bring back any heroes or activators.

Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:01:25 PM »
Hello everyone. The link has been updated for the tournament flyer, I will post it here as well for ease.

Will be great to see everyone out who can make it.

Overpower Championships Flyer 2018


There is a link below to access the document for the rules for the tournament.

These are the rules that will be used with the upcoming Overpower Championships in Toronto this year. With great detail, the rules have been addressed to make the game easier to play for veterans and beginners. We want to get to the point where there is zero needed errata on any card in Overpower, and hoping to finish that completely next year. Any questions at all about the rules, feel free to contact me, they are lots of examples to eliminate confusion. These are the final rules that will be used for the tournament, and hopefully going forward with future tournaments as well. It increases fair play, and also allows for a much wider range of strategy. There should be little ambiguity which is what the game needs.

Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:27:44 AM »
I will be attaching the rules shortly that will be used for the tournament. Should be a lot easier to follow. Without having to deal with the meta rules. So no worries that way. It will be pretty descriptive.

Will be great to have you and your friends out Fractales.

Hey photonicide, can u send me a pm.


Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:20:07 PM »
Hey Steve,

The main idea to put up the money and to make it free for everyone is to hopefully bring out lots of people. Hopefully a few new people who maybe dont know that there are tournaments going on as well. We know there are lots of people around who used to play overpower in the past and we are wanting to get their attention.

Hoping to have lots of fun and see people come out and enjoy the event.

Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:35:27 PM »
Question has been answered. But just to reiterate...homebases allow u to make any combination with the players on the homebase even if it exceeds the sum deck rule of 76 for normal deck building.


The tournament flyer has been updated. ***See link in the first post

Please look for the date and location details.

Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:03:53 PM »
We can always organize a meetup of some sort. I know there are a few people who would like to get in some more games.
Would be great to have you out. Going to be pushing a bit more soon once I have the date and location locked in.


Where to Play / Re: Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: April 07, 2018, 06:09:02 PM »
Are you planning to make it our Mr. Breadmaster?

I know georgia seems far...but if u have a few friends, a carpool idea can work. I know there's a few guys from OK that might be making the trip, they have just as far to come I think.

Hoping to bring out a good number for sure. We really want to see how much interest there is with the game.

Where to Play / Upcoming Overpower Championships 2018
« on: April 05, 2018, 07:22:47 PM »
Hello everyone.

I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to have a look over the details for the upcoming tournament I will be hosting in Toronto this year.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to email me directly as given on the flyer.

We are hoping to make it the biggest turnout ever.



Where to Play / Re: OP Ratings
« on: October 22, 2014, 02:01:05 AM »
Ratings have been updated folks, check the link at the top of the forum!

Where to Play / Re: OP Ratings
« on: August 16, 2014, 03:36:28 PM »
Thanks Mr. Bluefire...trying to keep the game strong!

Where to Play / **** Current OP Ratings List ****
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:46:46 PM »
Ratings after Overpower Championships 2014

1. Keffer, Phil - 1809
2. Lojet, Marcel - 1748
3. McGlynn, Danny - 1687
4. Emond, Andy - 1674
5. Miller, Phil - 1672
6. Sutton, Garion - 1670
7. Alexander, Josh - 1639
8. Simms, Doug - 1637
9. Limberger, Dave - 1635
10. Sutton, Michael - 1620
11. McGlynn, D'Arcy - 1618
12. Sutton, Spencer - 1613
13. Baez, Patricio - 1606
14. Van Etten, Jason - 1600
15. Ballantyne, Sean - 1591
16. Truong, Jack - 1588
17. Head, Myles - 1586
18. Van Etten, Larry - 1573
19. Bryson, Mark - 1569
20. Glover, Matt - 1566
20. O'Neill, Patrick - 1566
22. Taylor, Matt - 1565
23. Caroffino, Carl - 1562
24. Vezina, Chris - 1553
24. Slinkosky, Martin - 1553
26. Hodkin, David - 1552
27. Truong, Henry - 1550
28. Kowalewski, Ed - 1549
29. Simms, Cory - 1539
30. Zachritz, John - 1490
31. Reed, Bret - 1449

Ratings after OP Cup 2014

1. Lojet, Marcel - 1768
2. Keffer, Phil - 1723
3. Miller, Phil - 1672
4. Sutton, Garion - 1656
5. McGlynn, Danny - 1652
6. Alexander, Josh - 1639
7. Simms, Doug - 1637
8. Ballantyne, Sean - 1629
9. McGlynn, D'Arcy - 1618
10. Head, Myles - 1586
11. Truong, Jack - 1576
12. Bryson, Mark - 1569
13. Van Etten, Larry - 1555
14. Kowalewski, Ed - 1554
15. Slinkosky, Martin - 1553
15. Vezina, Chris - 1553
17. Hodkin, David - 1552
18. Simms, Cory - 1539
19. Caroffino, Carl - 1532
20. Sutton, Michael - 1527
21. Reed, Bret - 1507

Ratings after Peace Bridge Overpower Tournament 2014

1. Keffer, Phil - 1679
2. Sutton, Garion - 1674
2. McGlynn, Danny - 1674
4. Simms, Doug - 1647
5. McGlynn, D'Arcy - 1618
6. Lojet, Marcel - 1616
7. Miller, Phil - 1613
8. Ballantyne, Sean - 1588
9. Sutton, Michael - 1587
10. Truong, Jack - 1571
11. Slinkosky, Martin - 1553
11. Caroffino, Carl - 1553
13. Hodkin, David - 1552
14. Van Etten, Larry - 1539
15. Kowalewski, Ed - 1535

OP Ratings Discussion :

Where to Play / OP Ratings
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:31:24 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I'm sure a rumour has passed around that there has been a rating system put in place.
It is true. As of the Peace Bridge Overpower Tournament 2014, it all began.

This will be the thread where people can talk about any of the ratings, as the other one will be locked, and only for viewing, and allow you to see your current standings.
It will be updated after every tournament.

Enjoy and let the king of the hill struggle take place.

Hello everyone.

This is Dan McGlynn for those that don't know. I know I haven't replied on here in a long time, but I thought now was very fitting.

I wanted to send out a big thank-you to John and Phil Keffer along with Jessica. I personally was very impressed by the venue and the generosity that was shown throughout the tournament.
A lot of appreciation was shown to the players that had come out to the first K2 Challenge Overpower Tournament, and additional appreciation to a special someone who has put in countless hours behind the scenes to keep Overpower running and expanding. Thank you Jack!!

I had a great time with Friday night's festivities. The booster draft was fun for pretty well everyone, and just a slaughter for all  :D :D .

On a side-note, I know that the other fellas and I were talking on the way home and were trying to figure out ways to make the friday night festivities just as entertaining and unique for the upcoming tournament in October that is a very strong possibility, but still working on the date, but I won't mention anymore as that is not up to me to say.

Hopefully without forgetting anyone in particular, I want to thank and say that it was great to meet new faces, and some people I have spent time talking with, but haven't met in person. Everyone was super friendly, and I was glad I had the opportunity to meet everyone.

It would be a great privilege to see every single one of you again. I can't wait to shuffle up the cards and have some more fun in the near future.

Thank you for a very enjoyable, exciting, and memorable weekend!!


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