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General Discussion / Re: Original Overpower art
« Last post by fennshysa on April 09, 2019, 05:53:09 PM »
These are pretty neat thank you for posting them.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by justa on March 26, 2019, 01:56:43 AM »
feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.  I might even have a few spots of brain left worth picking at.  but I had the foresight to set up an excel file, so I may even have answers.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by Arctursa on March 26, 2019, 01:17:02 AM »
I am glad to finally see the Masters. I find all the cards to be good and balanced.  I know we had talked about them in e-mails. I think if you are ok I will mock them up in my frames but keep the designs.  I Really look forward to seeing the file on this and the Cosmic set when finished.

Just need to find time to pick Justa's brain about some characters Ive yet to see made that I am considering tinkering with but I Dont want to hijack the thread. I sometimes wish I had seen half the cards and creations he has seen.
Where to Buy/Trade / Does anyone know who bought these boxes?
« Last post by NinjaGaiden2 on March 16, 2019, 02:21:01 PM »
Does anyone know who bought the classic or iq boxes this week on ebay. I missed them just got back from a trip! If you want to sell them to me I'll pay you  $500 hundred american dollars more for the classic and $ 300 more for the iq.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by justa on March 09, 2019, 07:30:50 PM »
I don't mean to cause you more work - I justa have questions and ideas sometimes, and thought i'd share them.

Justice, Kymaera, Mockingbird, and Night Thrasher were all the 1st time I've seen them done.  Winter Soldier I've seen done, but only as Bucky Barnes with variant character cards.  Masters of Evil (as a team) has been done twice.

yeah, a 3 Energy for WS is much more in line with OP, IMHO.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by fennshysa on March 09, 2019, 01:38:23 AM »
I always welcome your observations.
You are absolutely right about the wording of Void being redundant. I was lazy and didn't check wording on cards, which means i have to change it again.  I should have just checked.
They symmetry with Green Arrow/Black Canary & Hawkeye/Mockingbird was definitely in my mind when i made that one.
The plus 2 could end up being  a bit much but i don't think so.
You could be right about Daughter of the Deep but as with Freefall, i'm sticking with it.
Warrior's Founder, You are correct about what i wanted. I'll reword that.
Infiltrate.... Good question, i'll have to decide. (missed that)
As to the 4 Energy for the Winter Soldier, i have no idea.  :-[ Punisher is 3. 3 sounds good.

Thanks again.

As for what's left, I think i have enough to do Rage. Sersi has a character card and 2 specials but i'm having trouble finding enough art for the rest. I'm planning on a SHIELD (nineties style, no Coulson or agents of shield stuff; Clay Quartermain, GW Bridge, Maria Hill, etc.) Maybe a Ronin Variant/Clone Character.  Another location or aspect or too and it's about wrapped up.

Then i'm heading back to the X-Men set. I've got enough art to do Gideon. I'd like to squeeze in an Aurora & Northstar, Generation X, Hellions and maybe Old Man Logan, X-23 and Fantomex

After that i'm not sure if i might go back to DC for a 4th set or do some more Marvel. I've got Star Wars CCG stuff floating around in my head too.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by justa on March 08, 2019, 02:17:24 AM »
a lot to comment on...
first comment is that you've blazed some new ground, both in character selection and in mechanics - I gotta lovit!
random comments from this 1 viewer....:
on "The Void" change:  i'm not sure why you added {, "teamwork" or "ally"} to the text.  the word "teammate" shows up on both Teamwork and Ally cards, and on Doubleshot cards as well, so they are covered.
on Agent of SHEILD:  it may be cumbersome to keep track of, but it works better than an action bonus
on The Avenging Archer:  sweet dodge for a team-up - Mockingbird, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, & Black Canary.
on Atlantean War Armor & Skateboard:  I like the thought, but I feel they might be a tad too much.  but then again, maybe not.  only play testing would tell.
on Daughter of the Deep:  it seems too much to not be OPD.  you get 2 cards for playing it, plus opponent discards 1 if they were not duplicates - potential "Draw 3" (HQ) there.  discarding dupes would dull it some, but i'm still not sure that even that would make it non-OPD.
on Justice:  I was more into Major Vic, so i'll let the reboot go.
on Warrior's Founder:  if my assumption is correct, you mean any hit on any character.  the words {opposing character's} would read better {all opposing characters'} to clarify that intent.
on Infiltrate:  is that intended to be the top 2 cards of the Power Pack, or 2 cards at random?
on Winter Soldier's grid:  where does the 4E come from?
on Masters of Evil: heh heh heh
all in all fenn, nice.
Having completed the C3, the next major event is in Buffalo, NY  the weekend of Saturday, June 1st

This really has become the crown Jewel of our tournament series.  More details to come!
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by fennshysa on March 06, 2019, 05:10:57 PM »
I appreciate your rewording on The Void. That got me exactly to what i was going for. So here are the final 2 cards for Sentry.

Sentry   Golden Guardian
Teammate may avoid any numerical attack.

Sentry   The Void
Move any 1 Hit from Sentry to target teammate. Repeat until teammate is KO'd or all hits are on teammate. Does not affect Venture Total. Sentry may not play, contribute, or benefit from any card with the word "teammate", "teamwork" or "ally" for remanider of game.

For Mockingbird I had combined the defensive and offensive bonus from the basic special cards onto one card but you were right, it still didn't work. Then i realized make it simpler and make it a Venture Total bonus for all the codes listed.

Mockingbird      1   7   5   4   17
+1 to all attacks vs. Characters with Fighting Power Grid 7 or 8. May be included on a team with Avengers Compound or The Hellicarrier as a Homebase.

Mockingbird   Agent Of SHIELD
Play during battle, for remainder of game Mockingbird's Venture Total is +1 for each AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AG, AH and GJ Special card played by Mockingbird's team that battle.

Mockingbird   The Avenging Archer
Mockingbird may Place and play any Hawkeye Special cards for remainder of game.

Mockingbird   Battle Staves
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack. May make 1 additional attack.

Mockingbird   Dodge
Avoid 1 attack.

Mockingbird   Indomitable Spirit
If Mockingbird has more cards in Defeated Mission Pile than opponent, she is +2 to all actions for remainder of battle and all Mockingbird's Special cards are doubled when determining Venture total this battle.

Mockingbird   Undercover Operative
Play during battle, shuffle into opponent's Reserve Deck. When drawn by opponent they must reveal Hand, you choose 1 card to discard and opponent's characters are -1 to all actions for remainder of battle.

Instead of just calling her Namorita i decided to go with the codename she ended up with later, Kymaera.  Of course i decided that after i had finished just about all her cards. So I had to go back and change them, including this.....

Crash Pad   
Night Thrasher   
Once per battle, may draw 1 card from Draw Pile after playing a Training card, discard duplicates. If used as a battlesite, may play New Warriors cards from under here.

I had two good pictures to use so i just went ahead and made two versions, same text and stats, just different pictures.
Kymaera      2   4   7   3   16   
May remove 1 Hit from Permanent Record when "Fully Hydrated" is played.

Kymaera      2   4   7   3   16   
May remove 1 Hit from Permanent Record when "Fully Hydrated" is played.

I also tried a new type of defensive special with her War Armor (it will be repeated with Night Thrasher) and reused the special from Freefall in the Image set.

Kymaera   Atlantean War Armor   
Avoid 1 attack with a Strength icon. Kymaera is +2 to defense for remainder of battle.

Daughter Of The Deep   
Draw the top cards of your Power Pack and Draw Pile. May keep duplicates. Opponent must discard the top card of their Draw Pile if you did not draw any duplicates.

Fully Hydrated
Acts as a level 9 Strength or Fighting attack.

New Warrior
Acts as a level 4 Energy attack. May make 1 additional attack.

Secondary Mutation
Discard 1 Strength Power card usable by Kymaera to draw 4 cards from top of the Draw Pile. May keep duplicates.

Winged Feet
Only Energy attacks may be played against Kymaera for remainder of battle.

Which brings us to another New Warrior. He was never a favorite character but i've always had a soft spot for him. I always saw him as the character who really was a hero. He would always do the right thing or at least try.

Justice      6   4   3   5   18   
May defend Teammates with Energy Power cards.

Justice   Hero   
Add 7 to Venture total for this battle.

Justice   Major Victory, Future Self   
Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack. If successful, Justice may move 1 Mission Card from the Defeated Missions Pile to the Reserve Missions Pile.

Justice   New Warrior   
Acts as a level 3 Intellect attack. Each Front Line teammate may make 1 additional attack.

Justice   Team Player   
Target Character may follow up a Universe: Teamwork card with any Power card, regardless of Power Type.

Justice   Telekinetic Bolt   
Acts as a level 6 Energy attack. Cannot be defended by a card with a Fighting icon.

Justice   TK Shield
Justice or teammate may avoid 1 attack of 6 or less. May be played from Reserve.

Which leaves just 1 of the original New Warriors. I waffled between 7 and 6 Fighting but decided on the 7.

Night Thrasher      2   7   3   4   16   
Once per battle, may draw 1 card from Draw Pile after playing an Ally card, discard duplicates.

Night Thrasher   Hot Temper   
Play when Opponent concedes battle. Opponent may not concede battle.

Night Thrasher   Million Dollar Armor   
Choose one Night Thrasher Special from Draw Pile and place in hand. Cannot be a duplicate. Reshuffle Draw Pile.

Night Thrasher   Mobile Attack
Acts as a level 6 Fighting attack. May be used against Character in Reserve, who may defend.

Night Thrasher   Skateboard   
Avoid 1 attack with an Energy icon. Night Thrasher is +2 to defense for remainder of battle.

Night Thrasher   War On Crime
Acts as a level 4 Fighting or Strength attack. Attack not affected by Special cards already in play.

Night Thrasher   Warriors Founder
Acts as a level 8 Intellect attack, +1 for each "New Warrior" special in opposing character's Permanent Records and Hits from Current Battle.

I would like to add Rage to the set also, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to get enough good pictures together for cards for him.

Next we have The Winter Soldier. I apologize for any inaccuracies. I've barely read a story Mr Barnes in it, my exposure to him comes from the MCU. Tried out a new card here too.

Winter Soldier      4   8   5   3   20

Winter Soldier   Assassin
Acts as a level 6 Any-Power attack. If successful, Target Character is KO'd by next level 2 Fighting Power Card Hit, regardless of Inherent Abilities and other Special cards.

Winter Soldier   Cybernetic Arm   
Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. May make 1 additional attack.

Winter Soldier   Fight Dirty   
Winter Soldier's team's Basic Universe cards used to attack count toward Damage and Venture Total for remainder of game.

Winter Soldier   Master Marksman
Acts as a level 4 Energy attack, may be played from Reserve. If successful, Winter Soldier may continue to attack while in Reserve.

Winter Soldier   Infiltrate
Draw 2 cards from opponent's Power Pack. Subtract the total from opponent's Venture Total this battle. Discard both Power cards to the Dead Pile.

Winter Soldier   Take Cover   
Avoid 1 attack. May not be attacked for remainder of battle.

Also, an Avengers set didn't' seem right without a Masters Of Evil team character. Granted, there are the Thunderbolts, and I already added Enchantress and Klaw in the villains set and Zemo in this one but it let me add Whirlwind, Melter and Radioactive Man to Overpower.

Masters Of Evil      7   4   4   6

Masters Of Evil   Baron Zemo
Avoids all attacks from 1 Teamwork card, or Target Character must discard 1 Placed Teamwork card.

Masters Of Evil   Enchantress
Acts as a level 5 Energy attack. If successful, may immediately make an additional attack against target's teammate using any card placed to target.

Masters Of Evil   Klaw   
Acts as a level 7 Energy attack. If successful, target hero must immediately discard 1 placed card.

Masters Of Evil   Melter
Opponent must discard 1 placed card of Masters of Evil's choice.

Masters Of Evil   Radioactive Man   
Acts as a level 6 Energy or Strength attack.

Masters Of Evil   Whirlwind
Acts as a level 2 Fighting attack. May make 2 additional attacks.

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