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General Topics / Re: for Stan Lee: RIP
« Last post by fennshysa on November 16, 2018, 01:40:29 PM »
Right now I'm listening to The Untold Story of Marvel Comics. He was an interesting character.
General Topics / for Stan Lee: RIP
« Last post by justa on November 12, 2018, 06:54:23 PM »
Will we ever see such a comic visionary again?  one can only hope so.  Stan, we thank you for all you've given us and will miss your imaginative, fun-loving spunk.
Where to Buy/Trade / Re: Selling my overpower
« Last post by Kdogg on November 12, 2018, 12:09:13 PM »
Just an update: I did sell my entire set at this time. Hoping it goes to a good home. I'm sure I will miss playing but I'll be keeping up on the posts about the newer sets! LONG LIVE OVERPOWER!!!!
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by justa on November 08, 2018, 09:52:24 PM »
a nice take on some rarely seen characters, fenn.  good art choices- I don't recognize a lot of the art because i'm not that up on my reading of modern day comics.
I totally hear you about making characters different.  sticking to legacy card mechanics doesn't help.  my favorite method to ensure differences is to go through the cards made by other people and see what new mechanics or tweaks to existing mechanics they have come up with.  eventually I felt comfortable enough with it to try a few variations of my own.  combining effects, or cards that allow a choosing of effects is also a way to come up with a character that is different from most others.

a few comments on the cards:  take them with a grain of salt, as they are only the first-look opinion of one person.

Black Knight - i've seen him done twice, and neither one had an IA.  i would suggest an IA that gives him some sort of Intellect boost.  he is arguably higher than 5I.

Ares - Battle Hungry makes him a beast for a Rush team.  and Sibling Rivalry is a great fit for the title matching the mechanic.

Zemo - I can't say i'm real comfortable with his grid.  his high usage of firearms should rate him at least a 2 in E, and I don't think he should get a 7 in both F & I.  depending on which point in time you look at him from, I can see a 6 & a 7, either way fits an era.  and Martial Training doesn't seem to fit in several ways.  A) the title is a little dull & does not match the mechanic (Full-On Blitz maybe?); B) as a 3-color 8, I think EFI is more appropriate than EFS.  only one of his off-colors should be covered, not both; C) the mechanic fits the Thunderbolts better (resources to make it happen), while the HO mechanic can fit the art of Martial Training (Full-On Blitz).

Crystal - the only IA i've seen for her (not counting legacy) is that Energy power cards on her PR don't count for KO.  the kill shot (either Spectrum or Cumulative) can be an Ep, but otherwise they are a waste to attack her with.  it accentuates her energy power without giving her an 8.  the OC mechanic (Inhuman Elemental) fits her very well.  and one of my OP pet peeves, i find Inhuman Ambassador (HE) totally useless in a deck without at least a DTR attached.  so they can't attack; they can use them to defend, and you've just given them a card advantage.

Herc - i thought Herc shrugged off a lot of small attacks the even Hulk would defend against.  might be worth a 2E, since his "demigod-ness" acts like the healing factor for Wolverine or Sabretooth.

overall, good work, fennshysa.  I appreciate the effort, and you sharing the work you've done.
Custom Cards / Re: Avengers Overpower Set
« Last post by fennshysa on November 07, 2018, 03:12:38 PM »
When you've got a couple hundred characters it becomes a little harder to make each character seem different from ones that have been done before. Hopefully these aren't too close to any other characters. I must have missed uploading Ares - Battle Hungry, i'll get that later today hopefully.

Crystal's character card is done except for needing an inheirent abilty. I have art and a pretty good idea of text for Hercules' Specials so i went ahead and posted them. I just havn't put them togather yet.

I also have a card for the Black Knight that i need an inheirent ability for if anyone has an idea.....
Black Knight      3   7   3   5   (18)

Ares      2   8   7   4   21

Ares   Battle Hungry
Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack.

Ares   Battlefield Manipulation
Ares team is +2 to Venture Total for remainder of game

Ares   Bisecting Blow
Acts as a level 5 Fighting attack. If successful, Target Character may not play Activator cards for remainder of battle.

Ares   God Of War
Play during battle. For remainder of battle, any Special card played must be a Special card that acts as an attack. Other Special cards may not be played.

Ares   Olympian
Avoid 1 attack with a Fighting icon. No Fighting Power cards may be played against Aresís team for remainder of battle.

Ares   Sibling Rivalry
Only Ares and Target Character may attack, be attacked or defend this battle. Neither player may concede this battle.

Baron Zemo      1   7   4   7   19

Baron Zemo   Compound X   
Remove up to 2 Hits that each have more than one icon each from Baron Zemoís Permanent Record.

Baron Zemo   Martial Training   
Acts as level 8 Energy, Strength, or Fighting attack.

Baron Zemo   Master Manipulator   
Baron Zemo may increase either his teamís or opponentís ventured Mission cards by 1.

Baron Zemo   Sacrificial Lambs
All attacks made on Baron Zemo are made on target teammate until teammate is KO'd. Teammate may defend.

Baron Zemo   Stolen Moonstones
Choose one Tactic: Artifact card from Draw pile and place in hand. Cannot be a duplicate. Reshuffle Draw pile.

Baron Zemo   Thunderbolts
Acts as a level 6 Intellect attack. If successful opponent -4 to Venture total.

Crystal      7   3   3   3   16

Crystal   Aerokinesis
Avoid 1 attack.

Crystal   Elemental Anger
Acts as a level 9 Energy attack.

Crystal   Geokinesis   
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack against Target Character, or level 8 Any-Power attack against Target Battlesite.

Crystal   Inhuman Ambassador
Opponentís Team with Power Grid of 7 or 8 in Power Type of Crystalís choice may not use Power cards of that Power Type to attack for remainder of battle.

Crystal   Inhuman Elemental
Sort through Power Pack card by card. Put the first 3 cards with Energy icons in Hand. May keep duplicates. Reshuffle Power Pack.

Crystal   Pyrokinesis
Acts as a level 5 Energy attack. May not be defended with a Special card.

Hercules      1   6   8   3   18

Hercules   Avenger
Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. Teammate may combine with 1 Fighting card for a single attack.

Hercules   Champion
Acts as a level 4 Intellect attack. Teammate may play 1 additional Special card.

Hercules   Demigod
Avoid 1 attack. May not be attacked for remainder of battle.

Hercules   Jovial Bruiser
Acts as a level 6 Fighting or Strength attack.

Hercules   Hercules Unchained
Opponent must immediately discard all Special cards in play that affect the "remainder of the Battle" or the "remainder of the Game".

Hercules   Throw Back A Pint
Draw 3 cards. Discard duplicates.

Where to Buy/Trade / Re: Selling my overpower
« Last post by Fractales on November 01, 2018, 09:57:18 PM »
Ok! No problem. Let me know if things change.
Where to Buy/Trade / Re: Selling my overpower
« Last post by Kdogg on November 01, 2018, 05:29:42 PM »
Actually I have someone that is interested in buying my entire collection at this time. I do prefer to sell the entire collection versus selling singles or sets.
Where to Buy/Trade / Re: Selling my overpower
« Last post by Fractales on October 31, 2018, 04:21:42 PM »
Hey dude,

I don't need your whole collection, but there are quite a few of the rarer cards I'd be interested in buying off you.

Would you like me to send a list, or do you want to wait and see if you get any offers on the whole collection?
Where to Buy/Trade / Selling my overpower
« Last post by Kdogg on October 26, 2018, 08:11:20 PM »
Hello all!
After much debate and consideration, Iím deciding to sell my Overpower cards.  I donít have any time or opportunity to play the game anymore and thought it would be a waste to keep my collection sitting in my closet. I hope I would be able to sell it to members of this forum rather than putting it up on EBay. Here's how I'm doing it: My preference is to sell everything at one time.  I have at least one of every card except the following: 

DC Any Character Deal With the Devil
DC Holo Heroes (Except Raís Al Ghul, he IS included)
Adam Warlock Invincibles Cards
Hillshire Farm energy basic universe card.
Classic Accidental Inserts

Artifact: The Witchblade
Artifact: The Linkstone
Event: Entropy Field
Event: Witchblade on The Scene
Basic Universe: Anypower +2
Curse: Brutal Dissection
Grifter: Nerves of Steel
Grunge: Danger Seeker
Killrazor: Outer Fury
Overtkill: One Man Army
Stryker: Armed and Dangerous
Velocity: Quick Thinking
Witchblade: The Chosen

Aspect: Any Homebase A-Next

I do have the Overpower Power Balance set and the Marvels Expansion.  Take everything for $1100, and I will cover shipping including insurance. Also open to offers, but would like to stay around that number. Next preference is selling individual cards. Again, offers taken here, priority given to those buying multiples. I think thatís about it!  Feel free to post here or private message, and I'll update as things go!
Playing Specials / Re: anti-concede cards and negates
« Last post by AO user on October 11, 2018, 12:34:46 AM »
So immediately after venture, the person who has the initiative says i concede. Can taunt be played then or is that ďbefore play beginsĒ?
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